How do I join the garden?

Please send an email to info@chugardens.org. We will let you know is there are currently plots available or if there is a wait list. Also check out our gardener's agreement on the membership page.

How big are the plots and what can I grow? 

The full plots are 4x16 ft and the half plots are 4x8 ft. You can grow whatever you like, and we are an organic garden. A mix of vegetable and flowers is good, because the flowers attract pollinating insects to help your vegetables.  Which size garden you choose really depends on what you like to grow and how much space the plants take up. We have lots of experienced gardeners to help you figure that out. It's even more fun to experiment. With year round growing seasons in Houston, you have lots of opportunities to try new plants.

I've never gardened before. Can you help me?

Absolutely! We have lots of experienced and enthusiastic gardeners in the group. There is a plan to invite a Master Gardener to visit and give us some tips as well. The group space has a forum where you can ask for advice, and the best way is to chat with your neighbor gardeners when you are in the garden. Texas A&M has a fantastic online guide.  They have also a handy chart that tells you which month to plant what in Texas. (tip: we are zone III)

How much does it cost to join the garden?

The there is a one time buy-in of $175. Annual dues are $75 for a half plot (4'x8') and $150 for a full plot (4'x16') to cover water, grass cutting, and insurance.  This is prorated monthly in your first year of membership.

Where does the money go?

The buy-in goes for infrastructure like structural improvments and maintenance of the garden fence, toolshed and water system.  The annual dues cover water, mowing, accounting and insurance. 

Can I pay by credit card or check?

Yes, with our online system you can pay by credit card or paypal. You can pay by check or with cash as well.